Companies using our products:

  • Rio Tinto
  • BHP Billiton
  • Toll Energy
  • Origin Energy
  • Beach Energy
  • Murrays Coaches
  • Graincorp
  • Dunns Earthmoving
  • Schlumberger
  • Arrow Energy
  • Queensland Gas Company
  • Scania Australia
  • Cheveron

IVMS - GPS Tracking and Vehicle Monitoring - Mix Telematics Partner




Our systems accurately measure your operators driving style and habits. Through automated reporting and in cab feedback we can curb and work to change the operators driving style, keeping both your vehicles and staff within your companies OHS guidelines while reducing the risk of accidents.

Knowing where your staff and vehicles are in an emergency situation and knowing exactly where to send that assistance it vital.  Through automated sensors and manual panic switches you can be notified by sms or email as soon as an incident occurs at a time where seconds count.

Significant Reduction in running costs

Safe driving is efficient driving.  When we have the ability to measure all these driving behavioral issues we can then (with in cab driver feedback and management feedback from the automated reporting suite) curb driver behavior. This means that vehicles are being driven the way we expect. When this happens it has a massive impact on running costs, including fuel, maintenance and wear and tear.

Efficiency in Fleet Management

Intellifleet's product as a whole has many ways to streamline your fleet and operator efficiency.

Some examples include:

  • Automated servicing: Intellifleet's keeps track of a vehicles odometer and enables an automated email/SMS to your service department that a vehicle has entered its service window.
  • Operator messaging: Send a clear and concise message to the driver and have a running job status knowing exactly where that job is up to and receive live ETA's from the vehicle and alerts to let you know if an ETA has changed.
  • Automated reports: Mix insight reporting allows an organisations staff to personalise reports to be emailed periodically to themselves or other employees. This is a fantastic time saver and allows the correct information to go to the correct person with minimal time wasted on report generation.